View Full Version : Animation GI cache and area lights

02-28-2011, 07:16 AM
Don't mix. :/

At rendertime, while a good animation GI sample points cache is in place, it seems that when calculating actual GI, it uses a very noisy area light illumination.

-GI samples are taken 50 pixels apart
-There is some soft shadow over a long range
-Light quality is not set to superhigh levels since AA will take care of that

->Splotches due to the really noisy twilight region from the area lights. No solution except ramping up the light quality (which is totally unnecessary as AA and NeatVideo would fix it anyway)

No solution? :(

I'd really like a "Light Quality at GI rendering setting" as I'm sure this is a reason alot of people would get splotches even when using animation GI... And since interpolated GI is only rendered for a limited amount of pixels, this could be set nice and high.

Furthermore, it is my opinion that we need per object GI cache settings and files.