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Mr Rid
02-25-2011, 04:09 AM

Elmar Moelzer
02-25-2011, 05:13 AM
Love it!
I am particularily in line with A) 1.
Especially what is coming out of the asian MMO- market in this regards is outright ridiculous. It looks like p- actresses stuck in lingerie made from metal, or something.
Plus women who are warriors have to be very well trained and very muscular. Those swords are heavy, especially if they come in those ridiculous sizes as they are in asian (and also some western) MMOs. Anyway, if you are that muscular, you have very little body- far. Little body- fat means small chestsize for women (usually anyway).
So again, totally silly.

B) Bullet time, totally agree. Its been done to the point where it makes you look very silly, if you do it. Recent example: Smallville, that show went down really badly since season 4 (but my wife still wants to see how it ends). One of the last episodes was just absolutely terrible. I guess they are now hiring 10 year olds to do their writing and direction.

I do not necessarily agree with C)
Converging verticals in architectural renders. I dont think that there is anything wrong with having some perspective in your renderings. IMHO the non converging verticals look strange (it feels like the buildings get wider to the top). I usually like to use at least a tiny bit of conversion (just so it does not look that unnatural anymore). So far none of our clients has ever complained.

I fully agree with D) F) G) and H)
I dont care so much about E) since they are referring to fluid dynamic tests and not artwork. For a test everything should be allowed.

I dont necessarily agree with I)
It is one reason to sometimes employ CG (or a combination of CG and real cameras) instead of just a real life camera, BECAUSE you can do camera- moves that are otherwise impossible in real life.

Yeah, probably overused, but not as badly as some of the others. I am more bothered by the fact that they all almost exclusively use that same Cygote- stock- model.

K) I dont know. I have stopped watching animated movies years ago.

L) I fully agree

I find the limiting of fanart by the IP holder silly and counterproductive. Not that I condone all the comic- fanart and fanart in general that is everywhere. I too find that silly, but I can see why teenagers might want to do it. In any way the "just say no" policy is IMHO silly and goes against the "fair use" principle that IMHO still is valid in court in regards to these things (unless the copy right laws got made harsher once again).

I dont like that one at all. IMHO people should be encouraged to put their work online and then get feedback on it. Without positive critizism, how are they supposed to get better?
I guess that I am just less of an a**hole than some people nowadays. Heck, when I started CG almost 20 years ago, I could not afford doing AA in my animations because they would already take weeks to render even without it!
So that one gets a non approval from me.

Dont necessarily agree with the second part of that (turntables). If you are just a modeling and texture artist and you just want to show off your model, I would prefer that over some really crappy and distracting animation or some really crappy and distracting backdrop.
Of course you could also just always use an infinite grey floor... Oh wait that is a cliche too!

Pseudoscience: I get the point, its not necessarily the artists fault though.
After all they just do what they are told to do (in this case, since I dont think anybody would animate that just for a portfolio...).
So I am not so sure who that is targeted at. I guess the directors, writers and producers?

Pushing in 30%
Oh yes please get rid of it! I hate it (as an audience)! Also see distractions from bad CG for that one!

I cant remember, what was that about? I must have missed something somewhere?

S) I fully agree with both points, though I am guilty myself of putting my cars into the old Hummer Scene for lack of a different backdrop and laziness/lack of time to make a better one.
That was years ago though.
The hulking space marines (with pin heads) do annoy me though.

T)Test tools are IMHO OK for WIP renders, otherwise agreed, get rid of it ASAP.

Tunnel of Light, cant remember seeing that so often... Gotta be a to out of touch lately.

Yepp, agreed with that!

1. Yes
2. Yes and no. IMHO it is OK to exaggerate this a bit sometimes as it does help a bit. It is also a good practice. Yes it does not look realistic when overdone. But that is not often the goal, right?

Z) Zombies
Yes I get it. I still think they are fun. Must be because of my job...

02-25-2011, 06:01 AM
whoever wrote that article comes off as someone who got out of the wrong side of the bed that day :D

some of the things i would agree with, too many super chested ladies, ugly stick men/monsters overdone to the point of inducing a yawn...but there's always room for a new monster/character if it's not hitting the generic/bland button.
what's not offered ( which would be cool to see from 3d world as a monthly article) is many solutions that would drag the mediocre up and out into the interesting band.
we all realise that most stuff has been DONE so going somewhere new is not easy.

02-25-2011, 07:39 AM
“It makes no sense for warriors to have no armour on their chests.”

Mmmh, Amazons wore no chests. But hey, they were imaginary warriors... So maybe this is a very ancient cliché.

02-25-2011, 07:50 AM
. Little body- fat means small chestsize for women (usually anyway).
So again, totally silly.

In mythology, Amazon warriors had their left breast cut so they don't had problems using the bow.

02-25-2011, 08:14 AM
but, but, but.... space marines are soo cool :cry:

02-25-2011, 03:00 PM
A few of these felt a bit like "reaching" for the sake of having a letter, but most of them I'm totally on the boat with.

They also should have mentioned the Teal and Orange Movie Poster. (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=380840) How I hate it so much.

Elmar Moelzer
02-25-2011, 04:03 PM
In mythology, Amazon warriors had their left breast cut so they don't had problems using the bow.
thata s myth, they bound them back which made it look like a bandaid-
They did not wear lingery armor. They just wore light clothes. Different style of fighting. Still the definitely did not look like what you commonly see in MMOs.

Mr Rid
02-25-2011, 05:07 PM
Yeah, I dont get some of these, while they missed more obvious things like ridiculous overkill flying camera moves, the flock of birds in every landscape, and monsters roaring into camera lens in every creature trailer.

Another redundant fetish I see way too much of in Ballistic Publishing is a image of a sexy girl looking coy with blood spattered all over, as if she just did something horrible. Dont know what thats about.

02-25-2011, 11:12 PM
Hypocrite behaviour on behalf of CGsociety. They give publicity for all these crap. Why whining then?

02-25-2011, 11:57 PM
I'd happily use several of those cliches if someone pays me to do it. I might have to go animate pathogens flowing through an artery just so I can get some of that Discovery Channel action. :D

02-26-2011, 01:48 AM
Yeah, they really should have included the flock of birds in every landscape.

They also skipped the 'mega-zoom from space to ground level'.

Also, the distorted text/image 'crashing computer' effect with optional separating RGB channels that's everywhere lately. (Bonus if it includes a 'power shutdown' sound effect.)

Elmar Moelzer
02-26-2011, 03:04 AM
and monsters roaring into camera lens in every creature trailer.

Ohhh, I like that one! So true!

the flock of birds in every landscape
Yeah, I believe that Square is particularily guilty of that one, but everybody else is copying them.

May I add another one or two?
Legs (especially on females) that are more than twice as long as the torso PLUS head...
Again particularily present in asian game- art, but the west is equally guilty of that. Combine that with mocap and you get characters that look like they are walking on stilts.

Ultra long, gigantic swords with pointless spikes and teeth (usually seen in fantasy game- settings).
Ever had a real sword in your hand? I have one at home. It is heavy, though I can wield it with one hand. A bihander can be long and big, but wielding those required hulks of men and then they were usually only used against knights on their horses (who could not move fast enough to evade a slow strike)

Fencing moves:
For striking (in contrast to piercing) attacks ideally, your motions will come out of the wrist, it is faster than moving the entire arm and should and torso as you often see.
The more parts of your body you move in preparation of your next attack, the more easily I will see that and I will have plenty of time to prepare my defense. Yes, you can do more powerful moves if you put your body- weight into it, but you are also much more vulnerable.
Most fencing moves I see, even the more realistic ones move the entire body. Some moves in games are just outright silly.

If I ever have to see a character wielding a gigantic sword/hammer pointlessly slam the ground with it again, I will scream, I swear!
I dont know who did that first, but it was a silly, though maybe original idea then... Now it is just silly and plagiative, yet pretty much every game that includes medieval weapons has that in it at least once, somewhere.
Why? Why? Why? What is so great about this?

On the boobs on female characters discussion: I think that artists that make characters like that never have seen a naked woman in their life. Boobs dont defy gravity like that, especially when they are that big. They also dont sit there like rocks...
Oh well...