View Full Version : Portfolio renders

02-21-2011, 09:50 AM
Hi just want to know, what do people expect from today's portfolio video renders ? do they expect renders in Full HD or NTSC SD ? Because Full HD renders takes a lifetime man !, also what resolution do they expect from single frame renders ?

02-21-2011, 10:02 AM
At our company we like HD. Never NTSC because we are in Europe and an other reason is NTSC and PAL both aren't square pixel and that' useless if you look at it on a computer.
On the other side, a reel is made out of stuff you made for clients and if the client needs something in HD you make it in HD. If you have to render something especially for your reel I'd render it also in HD ;) because it's cooler ;)

02-21-2011, 10:05 AM
What about FPS ? is 24FPS enough ? also instead of 1080p HD is 720p HD enough ?

02-21-2011, 10:09 AM
I would be happy with 720p. Frame rate isn't so important but I like to use the original fps. In Europe 25 America 30....... And Mpeg4 quicktime is good or h264 in High quality.

02-21-2011, 01:25 PM
If you make one single frame then 30 minutes or even one hour is okay if it looks that good.