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02-17-2011, 02:37 PM
Working on my webpage these days and i was testing some content in different browsers and got annoyed when it was Goggle Chrome and Internet Explorer's turn, since animated gifs were playing slower.

Looked for help out there but no straight answers, until i found this: http://www.humpy.demon.co.uk/da/gif_timing/
from this article (http://humpy77.deviantart.com/journal/12374968/) (The article is from 2007. Funny thing, only Opera displayed the images in the article correctly, or maybe it's my internet connection :( )

It's a progress bar sequece of GIFs with frame delay from 0 to 10 (by the time the Line 10 is at 1/10, Line 1 should be finishing). Seeing that URL (http://www.humpy.demon.co.uk/da/gif_timing/) on different browsers will show how do each renders gifs and where do time clipping occurs (for example 0 and 1 being rendered like 10 in Opera)

The conclusion from test is that for Animated GIFs consistency through web browsers, 6 of frame delay (~16,667 fps) is the fastest you can go.

Firefox and Opera can go for 2 (50fps).

16 fps is ok'ish =/


02-17-2011, 03:52 PM
Even more annoying and simpler example. I was building a web site for a client, with a simple repeating pattern .PNG file. Since I was checking the HTML function I open the same site in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and saw three(3) different levels of value in the same background tile file, with Firefox best representing what I was expecting. IE was "too light," and Chrome was a bit darker than Firefox. All browsers are the "latest" versions. I might try a .GIF and see if it has similar variance.