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02-15-2011, 11:37 AM
I have a couple of questions regarding upgrades/software updates for my system.

I bought Tricaster Broadcast about a year ago and I'm totally thrilled by its performance.

I had just a few problems that I managed to solved through this forum ;)!

Now here come my current questions. I currently have Windows Software Update turned on (They're automatically downloaded and when I decide, I install them). So far I had no problems, but...should I leave this ON or should I turn it off?

Regarding software updates/upgrades... There was a problem that I experienced, refering to saving flv files, but it was solved through a patch that I was directed to download, EVEN WHEN if I click on software update, I was receving a message informing me that the system was up to date.

Now...since I bought it, the message was always the same I was wondering if there's any patch/update/service pack that has being released so that I can keep my software up to date.
My current build is 080428