View Full Version : MD Plug and ScreamerNet

02-15-2011, 06:50 AM
Hey everyone,

We just ran into a massive issue with 10 last nite, and was curious if anyone else has run into this.

We have a number of scenes setup using the new mdPlug displacement plugin with a ton of vert animations from maya. Everything renders fine locally in test renders and such... the world is great!

If we put these scenes on the farm they crash immediately.. won't render. This is a huge bottleneck for us, currently we're planning on baking all the files down to mdd and going back to 9.6 for our final renders... but i wanted to extend a hand and see if anyone has run across this and (possibly) has a workaround for it.

One thing of note - we are using Tequila Scream as our Network Manager... although i would fathom that really has nothing to do w/it since its just serving files.