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09-29-2003, 12:14 PM
Hi folks. I've had my VT2 for a couple of months now, and finally got it racked up and put it out on about 5 or 6 live switching jobs (weddings and corporate IMAG). Last week something funky happened.

2-day shoot - 3 events, system was warmed up and had switched for a couple of hours successfully (as had all previous jobs before). During the second shoot (about an hour into it), I switched cam 2 in, and there was no color (gray). Sony Preview monitors (fed from the CCU) were fine (JVC DV550 cams/JVC RMP210u CCU's). The toaster had lost the color with the second cam, not the cameras. Subsequently, any cam input placed on 'preview' had no color either - you could see it as gray on the preview window, and on the preview vectorscope. The first inclination is to say it was a cable issue - I truly believe it was not.

I had the cameras start recording safety tapes, rebooted the toaster, and wouldn't you know it, the system didn't 'acknowledge' the SX-8 on the first boot (happens sometimes). Rebooted again quickly (removing computer power cable altogether), and went back into the toaster. Everything was fine - 20-30 minutes later, it did it again.

I quit toaster (VT2 build - I have the VT3 upgrade, but was waiting for the CG issues to be resolved), and cancelled the Winrtme.exe executable. Clicked back into the toaster (without a machine reboot), and everything worked very well again, including the shoot the next day.

So - this pesky winrtme.exe seemed to help. Did I 'flush' the VT system? Can/should I do this a lot/everytime/never?

Sorry for the length above - My questions:

First question - has anyone run into anything like this? Is it a component signal issue with VT, or a switching issue altogether (no matter the input (SVHS, composite, component, etc)?

Second - should I cancel winrtme.exe prior to launching VT2 before a live event (to 'flush out' the system?). Any dangers in this, or should I make it a common practice?

Third - would VT3 fix anything like this? I have the upgrade, but was waiting for the CG 'issues' to be addressed.

I'm going to be using and renting this system quite a bit - any assistance/insight would be greatly appreciated. I love the system, but a live reboot is completely unacceptable (especially for IMAG).

Thanks very much - I'm glad to have found, and to be on this forum.

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09-30-2003, 09:55 AM
We have been using component exclusively, pretty much for all formats that have it available.

Never had that one happen.

I did have the SX-8 scramble the R-Y, and B-Y parts of the signal once, but the Kill WinRTME fixed it.

I too have the occasional SX-8 not found ordeal and the re-boot (sometimes up to 5 times) gets it.

I'm installing the VT3 this weekend now that the patch appears to be around the corner. (See my previous post)

So we'll see.

I'd say Kill the WinRTME and go.

Let us know what happens!

My first big business theater gig is next February with 5 cameras, so let us know!