View Full Version : College Basketball on an XD300

01-26-2011, 06:05 PM
Academy of Art University in SF just purchased an XD300 to teach a live production class. They also want to use it for their basketball games. I love this idea.

I am looking for assistance. What kind? All kinds. Only 3 cameras, game clock, slo-mo... all info would be helpful.

Thank you

01-26-2011, 07:29 PM
Welcome to the world of sports on a TriCaster! We do live sports all the time, although not on an HD TriCaster yet.

Your real issue is going to be the limit of 3 video inputs on the XD300. If you're using 3 cameras, your 3 inputs are already taken up.

Since your three inputs will be used, your best option for replays/slo-mo is NewTek TimeWarp. This should work fine as long as you have a different plan for recording your program output. The TimeWarp will use your internal recording function, so you'll have to record your program output outside of the TriCaster.

Does your University have a data feed provided from the scoreboard? If you've got a newer, advanced Daktronics scoreboard, it is possible you can take a data feed into a PC running NewTek LiveText2 that will input your game clock, shot clock, and scores. If you don't have a data feed available, you could use a physical camera on the clock and crop/position it into your graphics in the XD300. Or there is one more third-party option that is currently in beta testing that takes a clock camera and converts the digits into a data feed that works in conjunction with LiveText2. This works great for locations that don't provide a data feed because it would allow you to use all 3 video inputs as well as having your graphics as a downstream key.

Hope this helps as a start.