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09-29-2003, 09:21 AM
Hi folks. I've had my VT2 for a couple of months now, and finally got it racked up and put it out on about 5 or 6 live switching jobs (weddings and corporate IMAG). Last week something funky happened.

2-day shoot - 3 events, system was warmed up and had switched for a couple of hours successfully (as had all previous jobs before). During the second shoot (about an hour into it), I switched cam 2 in, and there was no color (gray). Sony Preview monitors (fed from the CCU) were fine (JVC DV550 cams/JVC RMP210u CCU's). The toaster had lost the color with the second cam, not the cameras. Subsequently, any cam input placed on 'preview' had no color either - you could see it as gray on the preview window, and on the preview vectorscope. The first inclination is to say it was a cable issue - I truly believe it was not.

I had the cameras start recording safety tapes, rebooted the toaster, and wouldn't you know it, the system didn't 'acknowledge' the SX-8 on the first boot (happens sometimes). Rebooted again quickly (removing computer power cable altogether), and went back into the toaster. Everything was fine - 20-30 minutes later, it did it again.

I quit toaster (VT2 build - I have the VT3 upgrade, but was waiting for the CG issues to be resolved), and cancelled the Winrtme.exe executable. Clicked back into the toaster (without a machine reboot), and everything worked very well again, including the shoot the next day.

So - this pesky winrtme.exe seemed to help. Did I 'flush' the VT system? Can/should I do this a lot/everytime/never?

Sorry for the length above - My questions:

First question - has anyone run into anything like this? Is it a component signal issue with VT, or a switching issue altogether (no matter the input (SVHS, composite, component, etc)?

Second - should I cancel winrtme.exe prior to launching VT2 before a live event (to 'flush out' the system?). Any dangers in this, or should I make it a common practice?

Third - would VT3 fix anything like this? I have the upgrade, but was waiting for the CG 'issues' to be addressed.

I'm going to be using and renting this system quite a bit - any assistance/insight would be greatly appreciated. I love the system, but a live reboot is completely unacceptable (especially for IMAG).

Thanks very much - I'm glad to have found, and to be on this forum.

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09-29-2003, 12:21 PM
>Second - should I cancel winrtme.exe prior >to launching VT2 before a live event

You can, Killing WinRTME and all other VT programs will "Reset" the VT's internal state. It is the equivalent of the full reboot.

>Third - would VT3 fix anything like this? I >have the upgrade, but was waiting for the

VT3 has lots of fixes and new featuers in it, it may very well address these issues. Although I have yet to experience the loss of chroma on a channel.