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Boris Goreta
01-24-2011, 01:20 AM
This ad was done using Lighwave 10 with TurbulenceFD. Finally a usable fluid dynamics plugin for LW. Using it was a real joy, setup was extremely fast and simple and gave good results right from the start. Fire simulation ran fast also ( 1-10 minutes depending on preview or final resolution setting ). The fire shader didn't need much tweaking since it really looks like fire with default settings, who would say ? As you can see the fire shows in reflections and casts shadows which was expected but it didn't add much to rendering times.
Fire without other elements renders well under a minute, more like in seconds as I recall. As this is still beta software I expected to hit some bumps but they were only minor things like a custom graph editor crashing which was fixed in the meantime. Actually technical support was great, I remember sending more then a dozen emails and getting prompt responses and solutions. Most of them were me not knowing how to use the software because my head was stretched between many projects. Thanks Jascha ! Oh, and it works with network rendering too.

Link to video:


Agency: Laboratorium 360
Client: PharmaSwiss