View Full Version : IK Boost Rig - Problem

01-21-2011, 02:55 AM
Hello LW Community, I need help.:help:

I grabbed this premade rig from the net, and adjusted it to fit
my 3D model. I did a fair ammount of bone tip moving and some bone twisting to follow the arm.
All bones appear to be place in the correct areas.
But there are some light blue lines coming from my bones in the arms. (see attached capture1)

But most distressing is when I grab my arm controller and bend the arm
the skeleton is offset from the model. The model stills seems to deform
correctly but I dont want this weird visual bone offset. ( see attached top view capture2 )

I have also included the object and scene file.
Can someone please fix my scene and p[ost it here or at least give me a sollution.

Thanks in advance.
Object is copyright, please dont use without my permission.