View Full Version : FBX, and UDK questions

01-19-2011, 09:11 PM
Hi, I was looking for help with lightwave modeling, the FBX format, and getting it imported into UDK.

Right now I can get .ase exported static meshes into UDK with no problems.

My first FBX problem is, I am wanting to animate skeletal meshes, and get them into UDK with the FBX exporter. I can get the skeletal meshes into UDK, but the UV's are completely messed up.

Is there any pointers for setting up the UV's in a lightwave that will work with UDK?

I am real new to lightwave compared to the users in this forum, so don't take for granted I may know something in your reply. I am currently using the lightwave 10 trial. I have been hoping for good things in this release and working with games.

Thanks for the help.

01-20-2011, 02:31 AM
Use the Collada exporter, I've successfully used it to get skeletal meshes into unreal many times.
A few pointers:
Don't animate the root mesh, just make a bone the animated root, as Unreal won't pick up the fact the mesh is the parent of the bones like LW does.
Assign your UV maps to a channel, ie UV1 to the Colour and UV2 to the diffuse channel of a surface, I'm not sure Unreal will pick them up otherwise.
There's a naming convention for surfaces which will mean Unreal will automatch materials to them and assign them, but i've forgotten what that is :P.