View Full Version : Email Spam from Newtek?

09-26-2003, 04:23 PM
At 2:20 PM I received this message:

Thank you for stopping by and inquiring about NewTek’s products at Siggraph.

I want to let you know that our uncompressed video editor / switcher system VT3 is now shipping.

We have extended a special offer to you to own the VT3 edit system at only $2795.00.

This offer is available to all the users that expressed an interest at the show.

This is available from Digital Video: NewTek’s San Diego regional dealer.

Siggraph customers will receive free standard installation on purchases from Digital Video as an added bonus.

Digital Video will be contacting you to be of further assistance.

San Diego:

Digital Video

Contact: Warner Recabaren


mailto:[email protected]

At 2:30 PM I received the same message again from Warner Recabaren.

At 2:38 PM I received the same message again!

At 2:40 PM I received the same message again!

And not only that, Warner Recabaren broadcasted all of our email addresses (about 100 addresses)! That just opens us up for more spam and viruses!

This Warner Recabaren seems to be from a San Diego based reseller that was given a list of emails from Newtek. To avoid giving Newtek a bad name, Newtek really needs to distribute emails themselves instead of handing email addresses to local resellers that don't understand the finer points of marketing (i.e. no one likes spam), or even how to send out mass mailings correctly. :rolleyes: