View Full Version : General Uninstall Question.

12-30-2010, 10:06 AM
Is there any difference doing a LightWave uninstall through the Window's Control Panel vs. running the Uninstall.exe that is located in the very top directory of the installed product.

Is the Unstall.exe file just an anachronism from earlier times?

Since, I don't know the inner workings of the Window's Registery I'm always concerned when uninstalling that everything is getting cleaned up appropriately.

I've combed through the PDF Doc's and Readme.txt file and am not enlightend with any answers.

12-30-2010, 12:13 PM
I think I answered my own question by going out to Wikipedia under "Windows Installer".

It's a pretty good write-up at a high level on how all this install/uninstall stuff works. Unlike installers of bygone days, it looks like today most installers use the "Windows Installer Interface" as their foundation api. So I guess clicking on the Control Panel to uninstall the program vs. the Uninstall.exe in the top-level directory of Lightwave is one and the same.