View Full Version : Tricaster Pro with 2.0 upgrade for sale and accessories

12-17-2010, 06:28 PM
I have a tricaster pro for sale with the switcher.It has the 2.0 up grade I believe it is.I cant remember what it was but it was the upgrade to allow you to stream in flash and windows instead of just windows as factory default.I will throw in 2 S video cables I have laying around that are lightly used as well.I am wanting 4,500.00 for the whole system with the cables.I bought the system new so this is a steal at this price.I have another business that commands my full attention.So I am needing to take care of that business.I am also selling my whole video business with sony dsr pd 170 video cameras,including my website www.liveonlineconcerts.com if anyone is interested. contact me at [email protected] or call me at 815-494-9654

12-18-2010, 12:13 PM
I found some extra cables and things I will be throwing in as well as a SAMSUNG 19inch flat screen to boot and is in good shape.I paid a lil over 300.00 for that new.

12-19-2010, 07:22 AM
How much are you selling the domain name for?

12-20-2010, 03:07 PM
Do you have any other gear such as tripods, fluid-heads, mixing boards, mics, lighting...etc. ???

12-20-2010, 05:07 PM
I have 2 new tripods both bogen manfrotto tripods with 501 fluid heads I paid 500.00 for one 875.00 for the other one.They are both in excellent shape and just a few hours use on them.I also have s video lines. from 50foot up to 160ft.I the 2 sony dsr pd170 video cameras with next to no record time on the drum heads.they were used more for point and shoot option because you can record direct onto the tricaster.I also have zoom lenses that I bought and never used for the tricaster.I paid 500.00 a piece for them.those are centry optics lenses.No lighting that sold already.I got basically enough to do a solid two camera shoot with the tricaster pro package I have.If someone offered me 10k for the whole lot I would consider it.

01-04-2011, 09:17 PM
here are two pics of the tricaster.Its a lil dusty but it will clean off very nicely.I think the pics are a lil dark as well but I will post new ones if anyone is interested.

02-08-2011, 06:27 AM
I see a LCD and a TC Pro but no control panel. Is there a LC-11 or VM panel included?

02-08-2011, 08:05 AM
yes it has a vm that comes with it. i forgot to throw it in the picture when i took it...sorry guys.