View Full Version : FS Mac dual G4 loaded

Dan Barnett
09-25-2003, 11:13 AM

I had put together a dual 1.25 G4 Mac with Superdrive(DVD burner) 120 GB HD,
1GB SDRAM, extra external 60 GB HD, OS X 10.26, NO MONITOR

Also has the following software available besides what comes with Mac OS:
Final Cut Pro 4.0
After Affects 5.5 production bundle (and Training book)
Photo Shop 7.0
DVD Studio Pro 1.5 ( and Training CD)
Premeire 6.0
Studio MX by Macromedia

This was done for someone who was going to work for me. This did not
continue as he went back up to LA. I am not a Mac user. I function in the PC
world with VTNT as my editor also Aura and Lightwave. I will not be making
use of this system. I know the cost of these items but I wheeled and dealed
through ebay and would like to get close to what I had put out. Would like
to get $4200 for the whole lot but will consider other offers.
Everything is able to be registered.