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09-25-2003, 10:27 AM
Comments on 3Dlabs high end 3D cards
for Macs taken from xlr8yourmac poster -

" I just have received a email from 3DLabs stating that they are in discussions with Apple, for those who need 256MB and 512MB CADD DCC cards for Maya etc.

I expressed my interest in purchasing the Wildcat VP880 Pro. (512MB RAM) as soon as it's compatible with the new Dual G5's.
Lets hope the details get worked out and we can have Chester Cheetah dancing on our desktops!
copy of the email.

" Good evening... and thank you for your interest in 3Dlabs products. At this time we are having discussions with Apple to see how our two products will fit together. Do you have a preference for which 3Dlabs product family you would like to see support the Apple G5?
Stephen D. Cox
North American Channel Sales Manager

I'm contacting 3Dlabs to try and get more info on this.