View Full Version : Rising black levels

MC22 Video
12-07-2010, 09:51 AM
While we thoroughly tested our 3Play after install, when we did our first live basketball game we ran in to some issues.
We are using our unit in 3in - 1 out mode. Our inputs to the 3Play are from our analog router and the outputs of the 3Play are as follows.: to Zodiak switcher inputs come out of 3Play in SDI. Composite outputs go to our analog router. We are feeding burst to genlock.
When we record our show open we feed the out put of the 3Play to the switcher, where they are adding graphics, live cameras etc. While we are feeding we are recording "program" (switcher output) to all of the "INs" Internal to 3play we were feeding Ch 1 to the switcher and recording switcher on all 3 inputs. When we replayed the open the video was washed out and had increased black levels. On a scope it showed black at around 15%. All channels have termination turned on. And genlock is turned on