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Getting Board
12-04-2010, 10:49 PM

I recently did just enough to convince someone that I know enough about Lightwave to make a tutorial video for a table-top war-game by showing him a simple 5-second animation of a game-piece moving across the board as the camera very slowly panned.

It was enough to have him ask me to do videos for all of his games, but another publisher has already asked me to do some work solely based on my original clients word.

I say all that to convey the pressure I'm feeling, though I'm very happy to have this opportunity.

Knowing that this can/will be seen by other publishers, ie. potential future clients, I want to make everything as good as reasonably possible with my limited experience with Lightwave. So, I've come here seeking help from those more experienced than me.

I have much of the basics down and I can get around pretty well in LW, but there's a TON I don't know. Much, if not all that I need help with, is probably very simple.

My experience with LW has been off and on throughout the years, (from way back in the Amiga days!) never getting into anything advanced. Also, I've never done any paid work. Just played around with it. I've always wanted to learn the advanced stuff, but never had a clear goal in mind. Now I do.

For now I have 4 things I need help with. They're things that I need to know and use for each and every game tutorial I will do.

1) I need an understand of light-rigs: what they are, what they do, which kind I need and where to get one. If you know of a good source for the files needed, please link them here.

2) I need a room (maybe with a window) and preferably a wood table to place the game on.

3) The game box needs to have the slightly rounded corners that every board-game box has. I've made the box, surfaced it with the box-art images, but those perfectly square edges really detract from the appearance. They just SCREAM "cheesy!" The "smooth" option does nothing. Dividing the surface works and I can see that the corner is smoother, but there's also a ripple effect on the y-axis corners that I can't get ride of. How do I get those rounded corners to look right?

4) The surface of the game-board and pieces have a very slight, and very slightly raised, grid texture. I've tried to create a bump-map image but it's just not working out. I can send a close-up image of the surface if you're unfamiliar with the texture I'm referring to.

I know that's a lot and I hope it's not too much considering this is my first post, but I couldn't think of a better place to go for help.


12-05-2010, 01:32 AM
like so ? , this was a client I was doing concept art for "great guys " .

I have a movie of the game in actions "flying dice , interactive elements ect ", "its pretty slick " but this is all I have permission to show "sorry" .

1) Do you mean a lighting-rig ? this can be variable deepending on scene , have a look at the free speed models within this forum , there is some nice camera and lighting rigs there .

otherwise learn lighting start with a 3 point lighting rig :See google .

2) Room , you are the artist , either build it ,buy it , or pay someone to help .

3) bevel edges or rounder , or for quickness , Shift-D several times then Tab in modeler .

4) look at the text in my example that is a bump map .

Goodluck .

P.s " I am available for hire at competitive rates " :rock:

12-05-2010, 04:12 AM
There are a number of tutes on lighting rigs, but it is, as OnlineRender said scene specific. A 3 point rig is something you could do with learning, then add to your knowledge from there. If your building pieces for the game, you should be able to knock up a corner of a room, with a table for it to sit in. For the box, when you create it, you can have it create a rounded corner for you.

Start with one problem, try a few things, then come back to us. In LW there is always more than one way to do something.


12-05-2010, 09:57 PM
three-point lighting rig