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02-28-2003, 08:52 AM
Yes, it's true... NewTek will be showcasing Video Toaster [3] at NAB 2003 in Las Vegas. Wednesday evening we gave NewTek Authorized Resellers the first public demonstration of the new software. A sample of the new features added include:

- Batch Capture.
- Re-designed DV support and capture.
- Re-designed CG.
- 3D Positioning within ToasterEdit
- Spline editor for all parameters within ToasterEdit.
- ToasterEdit wrapper codec, allowing you to import ToasterEdit projects
into any application that can read AVI files without any rendering process.
This also allows you to import ToasterEdit projects into the DVD authoring
or MPEG encoding software or your choice without an extra rendering step.
- and much, much, more ...

Note: VideoToaster [3] relies on the cutting-edge performance of the SSE2 instruction set, and so requires the Intel P4 or AMD Opteron CPU.

Visit your NewTek reseller today to get more details. Current Video Toaster [2] owners may pre-order your upgrade from your reseller today at $595. If you haven't already joined the Video Toaster community, now is the time! Today through Video Toaster [3] shipping you may purchase a Video Toaster [2] for $2495US and receive a FREE software upgrade to Video Toaster [3]! Call your reseller today and get your Video Toaster [2] now and save!

02-28-2003, 11:20 AM
Great news to have all this advantages on the New Toaster [3].

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