View Full Version : Maya to Modeler Scale Conversion?

11-23-2010, 01:41 PM
I'm checking out the Maya 2011 demo and I found this interesting.
If I set the Maya units to feet and then draw out a poly box to match the grid dimensions on X and Z, I have to create a 24x24 unit box.
So if I import that to LW Modeler, where I also have my units set to feet, I have to draw out a 2400x2400 unit box to match the Maya box perfectly.
One foot in Maya = one hundred feet in LW - so there's a 100:1 ratio in scale from LW to Maya?
There is in the case of feet, it would appear.
I'm asking of those of you who use Maya with Lightwave together if that can that be counted on to work that way at all times, as a constant scale conversion rate.

11-23-2010, 09:59 PM
Yep, it's 100:1.

11-24-2010, 09:07 AM
Thank you NanoGator. :)
I just didn't have the time to test it on every possible unit between Maya and LW to see if it stays consistent, so I was hoping I'd catch the interest of a Maya user who might be more familiar with using LW with Maya.
Yeah, that works nicely. You can just model something to a real world scale in LW and then rescale it up by 10,000%/100x and export it and it falls into place well in a Maya scene with real world dimensions. Excellent. :)

I requested a feature be added to lightwave to allow for user specified scaling of OBJs on import and export specifically for this reason and Newtek added this in LW 10.

Thanks Newtek! I was very happy to get this and well, there's one way to get it right now if you want it :)

That's cool that they're putting that feature in LW 10. I think every program ought to have that for everything it exports and imports.

Is LW 10 going to have a newer FBX by chance?
I know they're planning on using Collada as the main file format, which I guess will be okay, although I shudder to think of the the file sizes that will create.
It would be cool if they had a more current FBX and even .xsi Crosswalk, but I'm not going to hold my breath hoping for that. ;)

Speaking of FBX and LW and Maya, if I export a 4'x4' box from LW as FBX without any scaling and import it to Maya into a scene with feet as the units, it comes in perfectly, showing as 4'x4' in Maya. Hooray for LW. :)
However, if I then export it as FBX from Maya and import it to LW, it comes in at slightly over 3 times the size.
What's up with that?