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09-24-2003, 12:52 PM
Included in suite;

Total inventory;

4.2 Toaster Software
Warp 40/40 board
90 megs ram
Toaster/Flyer board
Personal Component Adapter (s-video)

2..9Gig scsi (video)
2..4Gig scsi (audio)

System Drive

Data Tape Drive

CD Rom

Phillips PB-6013 Monitor (13") Computer
Sharp 13" monitor (output)
Sharp 13" monitor (input)

Other Hardware;

19" Nec monitor (computer)
A520 adapter (for 19" monitor)
Perfect sound Adapter (for midi)
Extra keyboard
Apollo 40/60 accelerator board (from my 4000 desktop)
X-tra toaster/flyer board (from my 4000 desktop)
Syamese card
Ariadne board
Oktagon 2008 board
Advanced Amiga Analyzer
Data Video TBC-1000 (time based corrector)
Sansui AV processor # AV77
3-M Video Processing Amplifier

All cables

3.1 OS
3.5 OS

Pixel 3D
Opus 5.5
Magellan II
Pro Textures
Surface Pro
Deluxe Paint 5
AdPro 2
Final Writer
Vista Pro 3
Image FX 2.6
Toaster FX
Asim CDFS V3
Zip Tools
Pro MIdi
Cross Dos 7
Disk Magic
Walt Disney Animation
TV Paint
Fiber Factory
Personel Paint 7.1
Flyer Mastery
Kara Font Collection
Magic Workbench
Octamed Sound Studio
Light Rom 3,4,5
Texture Heaven (2 CDs)
Cloanto Amiga Forever V2

Manuals for all.

Min is $1500 but will give anyone from this board who gets it a 10% discount,
pics will be up on E-Bay Friday and number to put into search is 2755484647

So you could outbid someone else and actually get it cheaper than thier bid, that's how nice I am:D

Happy bidding:)

09-26-2003, 11:30 AM