View Full Version : animated .x exporter

09-24-2003, 10:33 AM
D-storm's plugin exports animations if the animations were created via moves and translations to items in layout, but will not export animations created via bone or md deforms... I'm extremely surprised at this, and have not found any work around yet... you can't export the deformed objects in to a format that other applications use (.x being the one in particular that I'm in need of) or at least I have not found a way yet... In theory I guess I could try to learn mdd and lws apis and try to make the plugin myself, but I'm not the best programmer in the world... seems that it would not be difficult for D-storm to add a box to indicate the mdd file that you are using and insert that deform info in to the animated .x, but maybe it is?!?

If trueSpace can do this sort of thing, it's really making me worried since Lightwave cannot.