View Full Version : Hotkeys to nudge keyframes in Graph Editor?

11-17-2010, 04:29 PM
Is there away to nudge the selected keyframes in the Graph Editor?

At the moment I just want to select several frames, and then 'alt-arrow key' or something to move them several frames over in time. It would also be cool to be able to shift nudge 10 frames at a time, and nudge values up and down too.

11-17-2010, 07:23 PM
You can script it (or create macros). These are simple enough for you to create them yourself. Obviously depending on how fancy you want to get.

Basic skeleton:

@version 2.2
@script generic

CommandInput("GE_MoveKeys 1 0");

The key is the command GE_MoveKeys. The first number corresponds to frames and second to value. So this call moves selected keys in GE one frame forward. Change that first number from 1 to 10, and obviously it shifts 10 frames instead.

So just save the above to an *.ls file, install and bind to a hotkey. Create as many variations as you'd like. Unfortunately, I don't think you can install these in GEs own set of hotkeys, but has to be global, since GEs configurations seem to be limited to a predetermined set of commands (BAD!).

11-18-2010, 10:37 AM
Well, that wasn't exactly the "its ctrl-alt-arrow key" answer I was hoping for. But it does sound workable and is rather informative.

Thanks Business Grover.

11-18-2010, 10:47 AM
i like the idea of nudging key frames. Usually have to zoom in and drag carefully, but nudging would be a bit quicker. Nice idea.