View Full Version : E-on needs NT's help to add the tools to edit Vue Elements.

11-09-2010, 07:30 PM
E-on needs NT's help to add the tools to edit Vue Elements.

In the Vue Xstream desciption page, it says

Edit Vue Elements inside your Application
Proxy geometry is dynamically created by Vue 9 xStream inside the host application so that you can use your application's standard manipulators to move, rotate or resize each element of the Vue environment individually. You can use all standard tools of your application (such as alignment, scripting or even add fur to Vue elements), and you can make Vue elements interract dynamically with native objects (e.g. collision detection, etc).
Animation of Vue items can be done either through Vue (e.g. for wind effects), or using the host application's animation tools. Both types of animation are naturally combined seamlessly. Vue 9 xStream for 3ds Max, Softimage and Cinema 4D will even let you paint EcoSystems interactively (on Vue objects or on native objects), directly through the host application's viewports*.
* This feature is currently only available in 3ds Max, Softimage and Cinema 4D. LightWave and Maya support is planned, but is still pending development by Newtek/Autodesk.