View Full Version : scene preset and pass management

11-08-2010, 09:46 AM
I a new owner of Shadermeister. When I started to use the scene example and made some tests, I started to grumbling about the lack of layer/pass management one more time.
The nice feature of Shadermeister is the plug can save preset.
Now I wonder if it could be possible to add this feature to an "entire" lightwave scene.
We can imagine a new lightwave scene editor with the possbility to add preset the way Fusion node allows the user to add new setting with the S1-6 buttons.
The additonnal preset could allow the user to alterate the actual scene: hiding object, excluding light, make object unseen by camera and/or by rays, play with alpha etc ...
This way we could have one scene with multiple alterations able to be rendered. Render controler should have a new option to choose what preset(s) will be calculated. We can imagine a list where the user choose what preset to render. Hitting f10 or rendering via ScreamerNet, Lightwave will re-render the scene, altering it regarding the preset and the number of time the number of choosen presets will be.

Does it make any sense ? Do you think it 's possbile to change the way lightwave deal with scene setting ?