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10-30-2010, 07:46 AM
Have core modeling tools to sculpt like modo?
these tools are amazing... I wish I had those tools in core...
VPR looks promising, but what will happen to FPrime? FPrime is one of the reasons why I use currently lightwave...
but more importantly for me are the tools for character animation, something new about it?
I have several years using XSI, but I would love for lightwave again be my main working tool. :lwicon:

sorry my english

10-30-2010, 08:41 AM

I'm no expert in any of these areas but I do have some general information since i've wondered the same things.

First of all.. the rigging tools in lightwave as far as I know haven't been improved.. or not advertised by NT.. although.. rigging is certainly possible.. but I imagine it's not as flexible as XSI. Take this for example:


VPR will not replace FPrime since it doesn't have progressive rendering (or like before.. they haven't advertised it).. Since LW 10 isn't released yet it's hard to say for sure what is and what isn't included since they COULD add features upon release.. though I doubt it.. FPrime still has the progressive rendering which is why I also went with LW..

As for sculpting.. there's always the morph way.. or you could use another software more meant for sculpting like zbrush or 3d Coat.. from what I heard 3DC has great support for .lwo and you can even transfer morph targets...so for basic sculpting like terrains or anything like that I'd go with the morphs.. anything more complex and i'd go with 3dc.. it's not as expensive as ZB and works well with LW..

I've also used Modo and XSI extensively.. and yeah it's hard because they have great features.. I just keep coming back to LW though.. but hang in there man.. I'm pretty sure after a while NT will get it all together for us! they've built a great team already! :)

10-31-2010, 06:49 AM
How much does the character animation really need to be improved though? I'm always blown away with Rebel Hill's rigging, especially his Rhiggit auto-rigger.



Lino Grandi also seems to have some pretty amazing LightWave rigging.