View Full Version : Looking for used tricaster in Canada

10-28-2010, 03:21 PM

I was hoping that discontinuing the lower models meant that they were coming out with a new lower end unit, unfortunately unless you are able to get educational pricing the cheapest tricaster is $9000.

I am looking for either base model or Tricaster Pro, something I can easily webcast sporting events with. Livesets would be nice but for the amount of work i get for webcasts at the moment, I do not see myself able to justify the higher models even at used prices.

I have also looked at Datavideo products which I could get at prices closer to my budget, however I would like something all in one.

If anyone has something close to the $2000 or less available for sale, email me. However this may be too low even for used, just seeing what is out there.


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