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09-23-2003, 03:30 AM
I have Lightwave 7 recently and updated it to 7.5c

I have some experience with 3D-modeling, but LW is new to me. I'm thinkin' of buying a book, but I don't know what book is good. In the Netherlands there are two books available for LW 7:
- Lightwave 3D 7.5 by N. Boughen or
- Inside Lightwave 7 by D. Ablan

Which one is in your opinion better?

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09-23-2003, 06:18 AM
I have the Dan Ablan book and am constantly picking it up as a reference tool It's a monster novel of some 1500 plus pages. It will cover pretty much everything you need however I would suggest you also look through this excellent forum and various other LW sites for video based tutorials. I tend to find it's easier to learn if you see someone doing it rather than reading through a book. I haven't seen the other book you mention although I do have two other LW books one on character animation by Timothy Albee (excellent if you want to animate characters)