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10-21-2010, 10:04 AM
I'll be brief so feel free to ask questions on any missing data I leave out.
- Click on Graphics and give the project a name like DualBox and then launch LiveText
- Add a grab still (you need to make one before hand in the session) image by dragging it on screen from the file bin. Scale and position to the left side of the safe area to the size and position you want one of the boxes to be
- Copy and paste the image and then holding the shift key, move it to the right (holding shift locks the image from moving on one axis)
- Use the square draw tool and draw a square to cover the top portion of the entire screen (over lap a little of the image if you want) and then use the select tool to size the left, right, top and bottom to fine tune it
- Copy and paste, hold shift key and move it to cover the bottom of the screen
- Use draw tool and make a left box to fill in the left side and then follow steps above to copy and paste it to the right
- If you want a bar in between the two boxes, draw another box in the middle
- Now select all the drawn boxes one at a time holding the CTRL key and then group them
- Enter color tab and click on the solid color and change the color. All boxes will change to the color because they are grouped together
- Select each grab image and delete them
- Save project and then send page to Live
- Exit LT and go to Live
- Add title to Stills
- Go to Virtual input of your choice
- Use A over B
- In the Virtual overlay, choose the drop down and select the Still input
- Click on fade to make it come full screen
- Select the input you want in the left box on Virtual input A
- Use settings to size and position the input
- Do the same for B and move it to the right box
You have a quick and simple custom DualBox. To make it more dramatic or branded, in LiveText, click on the texture drop down in the color tab. Load an image and the group will fill with the image.

PS With the XD850, you can crop the inputs on the Virtual input allowing for even more customization.

PPS Anyone looking for a compiled custom XD LiveSet could gain an added feature of having a TriBox ;)

Hope you enjoy,
Jose Burgos

10-21-2010, 12:30 PM
nice work Jose

10-21-2010, 01:08 PM
Thank you kind sir.
I also notice if I make a custom compiled LiveSet, I can drive box 1 with A and if the client wants, make them stay on the virtual set, and then drive box 2 with B and then make a "space" for box 3 and give the client the exact size and position to use the virtual input overlay to feed it. Basically, box 3 is just overlay into the LiveSet but since it is all handled by the virtual input, you can set it up and transition or take to it to allow a TriBox :)
You could also do this without a compiled LiveSet but you will only have a black background.

Take care,