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10-19-2010, 02:39 PM
I am doing a documentary fx for a scene where this old barn gets shot up. An eyewitness said "they absolutely riddled the place!". So obviously I need to make a lot of holes and stuff. It's going pretty good so far, but I need some tips when it comes to cloning and "automating my effects". For bullet holes I have so far made the following elements:

- A wall with a checkerboard pattern where any tile can ble replaced with a holed tile. The idea is to instantly move the undamaged tile out of the way over one frame and move the holed on in.
- A HV particle effect for dust being blown into the barn when the bullet hits
- A HV clipmap particle effect for small woodchips being broken off when the bullet holes the barn.

Now the last two are set up so that I keyframe a peak in their birthrate. The first is not yet set up. So far I have to keyframe three different objects per bullethole.

The thing is that I would like to be able to have just one item to keyframe, say a null per bullethole for example. The super-optimal solution would be to not have to keyframe anything and just randomly make holes and dust/chip-particles, but I would then either have to do it in houdini or make a script... And I am not good enough at Houdini yet.

Now since the tile needs to move in place and stay there, while the spray needs to occur once and then be killed off, it is hard to use the same null for both things. That is one area where I need tips. The other problem is that if everything is linked to a null, every time I copy the effect I would have to enter all the expressions and stuff and link them to the new null. That sort of defeats the purpose of having the null there in the first place, because I just want to "copy and forget".

Anyone got any tips?

10-19-2010, 05:58 PM
Have a look at particle paint from here:


It allows you to use an emitter to spray a surface with colour/bumps etc like bullets.

10-20-2010, 03:49 PM
Thanks for an excellent tip! While it won't do what I am looking to do here (the holes need some thickness, for example), I am sure it will come in handy!