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10-17-2010, 06:18 AM
Hey all.

Does anyone have any suggestions for schools for some continuing design/art education? I don't have the time/money for a full degree program. I'm not sure that I need one. The ideal is less than a year to get some foundation in graphic design or art and mainly just to have some kind of formal education in this area. 3D is not a priority but obviously nice. I am now a contract worker so I could go full time if needed.

After 12 years of software development and design I'm working on a career trajectory adjustment. The thing I'm most likely to be successful to transition to that is enjoyable for me is a software development/user experience/design position. I have very solid technical foundation but no formal training in art/graphic design. Many of these positions look for as a nice to have if not downright require it.

My user experience work portfolio is strong enough that for a percentage of the positions I am considering I think I can overcome the formal education deficit, but I have some time and am not opposed to doing some book learning. My time here has taught me that most of you are self-made men (or women) and don't necessarily agree that formal education is the way to go. I respect that and generally agree with the position, but I do want to consider my options at this point. If having one line that just says "Graphic Design Certificate 2011 from Blah school" gets me better looks then it might be worthwhile. I'm 40 and this may be my last chance to do something like this seriously.

10-17-2010, 12:08 PM
Your public library for a start.
Check around for those community papers that list extension courses usually taught at high schools in the evenings.
Check into auditing a class at a college near you.
Don't rule out what you can learn from books on photography either. They are good for learning composition.

Composition covers a lot of ground beyond "rule of thirds". Repetition, Depth of field, texture, contrast, negative space all can work for or against you.

Get some books on famous artitst and try to figure out what makes their work appealing to you. Then try to put those qualities in your own work.

Good Luck