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10-13-2010, 02:20 PM

I have exhausted my efforts rying to get a scene set up to render on RanchComputing render farm. My scene keeps returning without images and/or objects wanting to look in a directory...or what they are calling "absolute" path.

Now, I thought i made all paths reletiva by using content manager and exporting my whole scene into another location...for example:

and same for objects and scene folders.

I have checked it out on another running lightwave on another machine and it all loads fine.

But for some reason the render master at the farm says that the images are still liknked to an absolute path???

What I am looking for is a step by step direction/knowledge path that can help me understand how LW thinks in this regard...or instructions how to make my project "relative".

Thank you very much for any advice!!


10-13-2010, 02:46 PM
I just found this post:


and it seems to be right in line with what I am trying to figure out....can I simply use "package scene"? should this make all paths relative from then on?

10-13-2010, 04:33 PM
also do i need to make sure to "save all objects" before i save out the packaged scene? Will this re-link the objects to the images folder in the current content directory....?

10-14-2010, 06:15 AM
I am using package scene to send to a small renderfarm in bnr. It works great.
A problem could occur if you have clothfx which doesn't seem to respect relative path even after package scene so when you send it to other farms it still retains the network path you have in your shared network directory. And that doesn't exist in other farms so the mdd have to be reloaded one by one again on that farm. I dont think this happens with mddplug or dponts nodes.
And package scene does save all your objects automatically and is a big time saver.
Have you tried garagefarm.net? They handle renders personally and troubleshoot it.

10-14-2010, 01:17 PM
The easiest thing to do is strangely enough to manually check your scene file. It's just a text file and you'll see all the paths for your images, objects and other items (radiosity cache, MDDs, etc.)

It won't solve the problem directly, but it will show you where the problem lies. If you want to you can always edit the scene file, but make a backup first!


10-14-2010, 03:03 PM
Fill gaps in all the file names with “-” or “_”

This can be painful to do if you have a large scene, but gaps can play havoc.

10-14-2010, 03:37 PM
This last reply reminded me of a very common "gotcha." There is no SPACE character. Look down, notice the keyboard, all the keys have a character on them but the SPACEBAR, yet we often use it in naming. On the web, you will see addresses in on your screen where there are %20, which is the "on the fly" substitution that the OS must do, just to be able to correctly parse the string of characters. When I teach first semester graphic design and web development, I write the requirements on the board, and still have problems later in the semester by those students who have ignored the rules. When working in code, networks, file management, web development, use only the alpha/numeric keys in naming, never use the spacebar or any "funny" characters (#^%@*&!?:}|). The only exception is the hyphen and underscore, as the previous poster suggested. Be sure that there is conformance in all occurances of a given name to use the exact same set of characters. Don't use CAPITALs as this invites potential hazard as if any file is not in conformance, and it is a bugger to find.

10-15-2010, 01:20 AM
Thank you all for your replies!

Thanks geo_n...I will check out the farm...and i did try the package scene...

Thanks wrench...I did actually look at the scene file with notepad and was a little overwhelming at first...I did try to look at the paths only... but if you have any suggestions to documentation that would help understand all of the command lines i could see investing time into learning it invaluable!

Thanks paulhart...thank you for explaining the space bar key...I always made it good practice to always use _ on all files for space...even on my macs years ago and now i understand a little of the theory behind it!

My fumbling around while desperate was the following:
I found a workaround or was just lucky...maybe this will help someone in the future:

I removed my objects folder and my images folder from the directory that my scene file was in. Then i loaded the scene file and it asked for the first object (LW could not find "objects" in the content directory cuz i moved it) so i directed it to the object folder outside the content directory...did the same with the image folder when LW asked. Now, i saved the scene and shut down LW. I then moved the objects and images folder back to its proper place next to the scenes folder in the recent content directory. Then I opened the scene file again and it located the objects and images automatically.

My theory was that when it asked me where the objects and images were, it would erase any absolute paths imbedded into the object textures...then it dawned on me...

All i probably had to do was "save all objects" and it would be saving them to the current object folder residing in the current content directory.

Well...this seemed to work...I also looked at the "path" locations in the preferences panel and tried setting all of those to only the object and images folder without the path ("objects" not "C:\contentfolder\objects") Not sure if this had any bearing on outcome either.

Either way, I was able to send off the file with success on their automated system. 875 frames in 52 minutes done and on my machine it was taking roughly 25 minutes/frame.

....now if i could just get rid of the flicker (radiosity bake?)....???

thanks again!!

10-15-2010, 06:31 AM
....now if i could just get rid of the flicker (radiosity bake?)....???
The cache path handling in current LightWave is broken - and most of the commercial render farms out there does not handle it well.

Here I just apply simple fix to the scene before the rendering. If your animation is long / cache file is big and/or takes long to render we will be happy to do it here, on 12 core 35Ghz machine (70Ghz if you include HyperThreading:)).

As bonus to all that I am sure it will be much cheaper to render at GarageFarm.Net (http://www.GarageFarm.Net ) then anywhere else.