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10-13-2010, 01:08 AM
Got this from vue:

"Vue 9 Infinite, a major upgrade to one of your products under maintenance, will soon be shipping. As part of your maintenance contract, you will receive this new product at no charge.

We have also prepared a pre-release version of this product. If you like, you can download this pre-release version right away by following the instructions in this e-mail.

New features available in Vue 9 Infinite include:

- New flicker reduction algorithms: Vue 9 proudly introduces new flicker reduction algorithms developed by e-on software. These algorithms produce animated renders with a noticeably reduced amount of flickering, reinforcing Vue as the ultimate solution for rendering animated natural environments. - Faster Rendering: thanks to internal refactoring, Vue 9 renders up to 30% faster than previous versions! - Relighting: to instantly adjust the lighting of the scene after the render completes lights can be turned on and off, colors can be changed, all in real-time! - Interactive Network Rendering: thanks to advanced data fragmentation and caching for the distribution of scenes to the rendering nodes, Vue 9 allows for completely interactive network rendering. Scenes are rendered to the screen while the network is handled in the background automatically. - Improved Terrain Editor: Contextual brushes and fully customizable terrain brushes, automatic Terrain Retopology, Sculpting and Painting masks, Smear brush, Terrain Canvas extension, ... - EcoSystem 4: dramatically reduced flickering, optimized rendering and memory management for Dynamic EcoSystems, animated EcoSystem populations, and more... - HDR Multi-Pass Rendering, - HyperBlob Technology: convert HyperTextured MetaBlobs to polygon objects with user defined LOD - ideal for the creation of extremely rich and detailed rock formations, - Custom Interfaces: to create simplified high-level controls and access these controls directly from the material editor, the terrain editor or the object editors! - Auto Saving and Scene Snapshots: this unique and innovative technology automatically saves the scenes in the background, while working, without interfering with the user workflow! - And much more (Rocky Mountains fractals, Inverse Kinematics, Cloud Radiosity, Real-World units, Catmull-Clark subdivision, improved texture management, native Cocoa, new interface design, ...) More details on the new features as well as the complete description pages will be published at the time of release.

10-13-2010, 01:26 AM
Yeah, I got the email this morning too. Pretty happy to see this since I felt I got cheated out of several months of 'yearly' my subscription; getting a brand new upgrade for free does make up for it. (Of course now I'll probably have to re-sub to get bug fixes.) :p

That said, E-on seems to be having a lot of server issues with the upgrade. I have yet to be able to download anything without erroring out. For anybody else having problems downloading the upgrade, E-on announced that their servers are being slammed by requests and they will be sending out new emails to registered users with a different download link within 24 hours. Just be patient.

(Easier said than done...I can't wait to get my hands on this myself.) :)


10-13-2010, 02:03 AM
for us mac users, the good side is that - being now ported to cocoa - it is actually running in 64 bit mode. also the xstream LW plugin has been ported to 64 bit - which finally opens it for projects with massive use of ecosystems... the installer even gives a choice to select LW10 as installation folder... overall, the impression is quite good for being a preview version. btw. the GUI was cleaned up, fortunately those old fashioned beveled buttons disappeared and at least on mac, operation is much, much faster now.


10-14-2010, 09:42 AM
I am missing the importance of this. I have not yet got Vue up and running and don't yet have Xstream but thats the direction I think I will be headed.

Does this help with your workflow?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of where you install?

10-14-2010, 06:04 PM
We use Vue xStream at work. It's a real pain in the asterix to work with, but when it does work it's pretty awesome. (Thanks to gallons of blood, sweat and tears from the Box's Ken Wilder and Mike Popovich.) I'm talking about 8.5 of course; we don't have 9.0 at work yet. FYI, we just finished a big job using xStream and LW, Maya, and Houdini, and the Vue environment (which is present in every shot) looks pretty amazing. (Sorry, can't say what the project is because it's not out yet.)

Personally speaking though, I would only bother with xStream if you're on a large production with a lot of time penciled in for R&D. There are so many undocumented 'gotchas' in the workflow, it can make you nuts. If you're an individual artist who knows how to properly set up elements for compositing, you can do much of the same thing using the Infinite version and VueSync to link the LW camera. (It's how I use Vue at home.)

The main advantage with xStream is that you can render the Vue scene using the actual LightWave camera and have LightWave animation directly integrated; this insures you have the same anti-aliasing for all your elements. But even when we do this, we still have use Vue's native renderer to get G-Buffer data like Motion Vectors, Normal Pass, and Z-Coverage in a separate pass. (To do this we have to turn all the lighting off and convert instances to actual geometry.) This is a big issue for us because we do all our Vue and LW motion blur as a post effect in Fusion; we also do a lot of lighting and subsurface effects in Fusion using auxiliarly render data from Vue and LW.

I haven't tried 9.0 yet; just downloaded it this morning. Looking forward to trying it. :)


P.S., I should point out that for us 8.5 was the first version where using xStream with LightWave was actually practical (in spite of the continued 'fussiness' of Vue controls in LightWave.) In previous versions, xStream was just too slow to render in LightWave with LightWave's cameras, but E-on and NewTek did some kind of magic to make this work in 8.5. My understanding is that it's even faster with xStream 9.0 now. If this is true, that's big news. :)

10-14-2010, 11:15 PM
You know what ...

Screw E-on :D

They are not gonna get one single dollar from me till they drop those upgrade prices ...

I have Vue 6 Infinite and they are asking for US$595.00 to upgrade. If they had full blown tree editor like SpeedTree in 8.5 or upcoming 9 I would certainly think about it :devil:

10-18-2010, 06:38 PM
Man all this bottling up isn't good for you. Tell us how you really feel (haha!).

10-18-2010, 07:13 PM
Lol, I feel like an idiot quite frankly :D

You know, the thing is, Vue is all about bloody TREES and other vegetation, and they are still the same since version 5, lol.

Funny thing is that E-on clings to this delusional thinking that ILM using their software for distant backgrounds combined with skyrocketing prices equals success ...

IMO, sooner then later they will fall (and I hope they do), cuz they abandoned huge portion of amateur and semi pro users who are much less demanding when it comes to stability and other issues.

And we all know here how "hard" E-on delivers, lol.

Who is next in line to be $1000 wanna be pro app (?), DAZ Carrara ? :bangwall:

10-18-2010, 08:17 PM
I keep hoping that terragen will enter the $500-800 market and really deliver something I can use with other apps (not to mention more speed). It's almost there but needs some improvement in just a few key areas. I would drop e-on like a bad habit.

Ya the stock vegetation isn't too good. Have to add on. Luckly they aren't too expensive. Plus you can instance any old kind of tree so long as you don't need wind. Or make your own is better...

10-19-2010, 12:47 AM
Vue Infinite became much more useful for me with version 8, which finally supported 'modern' lightwave objects (Vue 7.5 only supported LW5 objects which meant no UV mapping.) Also Vue Infinite/xStream 8 finally allowed you to save alpha channels for volumetric clouds. Anti-aliasing quality and render speed was also significantly improved in version 8. Because we prefer to composite everything, these few features alone made the upgrade totally worth it.

They also added normal mapping with 8, but so far this hasn't been as big a deal as I thought it would be because the normap map support seems pretty minimal, and, as of 8.5, felt like it was tacked on as an afterthought. Maybe that's improved now? (Still haven't found time to check 9 out yet.)

Edit: Agreed about a lot of the stock stuff. We often purchase some 'cheap' Cornucopia stuff though, and some of it looks amazing. Also, it's nice that you can at least generate variations of advanced trees or plants, and aren't stuck with using the same exact duplicate for a zillion instances. For extreme close up trees and bark, I've been modeling and texturing with 3D coat...looks even better but there's nothing 'automatic' about it. :)

10-19-2010, 07:11 AM
I feel after using it for a week or so that they have spent most of there time optimizing, and streamlining as it's vastly faster to render some scenes and crashes lots less. It seems to have really improved materials using displacement but normal maps not so much. Having gone from 7 to now 9 (well almost 9 heh) I can say that I actually feel this to be a better update than 7-8 was simply because of the overall improvement with the way it functions.

Before the 9 I never could get deformed meshes to work with Vue at'all and so forth. The new UI looks really nice too and I can dig the custom brushes in the terrain editor (sorry about the pun). Still some issues but it's the first update in a while that has me feeling good about working with Vue.

Definitely worth your time to check out 9 if you can get the pre-release.

I haven't used 3dcoat yet but I'm intrigued. With what I do the next bit of budget is all going to getting many licenses of project overlord (whenever that might be). One day though I want to get on the 3dcoat/zbrush bandwagon.