View Full Version : limited multithreading

09-26-2010, 05:45 AM
Just a couple of questions regarding rendering with multiple threads in lightwave 9.6:

1. In the render options there is a choice to render out the number of threads but only as far as 16. If it is set to automatic, will it render beyond 16 if you have more than 16 cores? ..or is the ultimate limit?

2. Assuming for a second that 16 threads IS the limit and say I have I get a 48 core machine, does this mean that I can run another 3 instances of lightwave, so that the remaining 32 cores are used by the other istances of Lightwave? ..or will they just all just share the same 16 cores (thereby slowing all other renders by 75%)

3. I've also noticed that Fprime seems to utilize 100% of all avaiable cores when rendering, no matter how many you have. Although I haven't actually tested it on a 48 core machine yet, so I was just wondering if FPrime was also limited to 16 threads/cores?

The reason I ask is because I am thinking of upgrading my workstation but was wondering wether the increased cores would be wasted due to LW not supporting it. If so is there a script to open up this limitation? Does anyone know if thsi limitation is lifted in LW10 or core? According to the main cpu bencmark website it looks like the quad socket, 12-core opteron 6174 is the clear winner in terms of speed and performance. (but at a price) http://www.cpubenchmark.net/multi_cpu.html

AMD have already had a 12-core CPU out for some time now and intel are probably going to be doing the same soon, so it seems like this limitation might be a a potential bottleneck for single workstation rendering.

What do you guys think? Any answeres to the above gratefully recieved