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09-25-2010, 10:32 PM
I purchased the 8.5 Extreme, and when I Load the program, I get this message that vue was unable to locate a License fromthe server.
What should I do

01-10-2011, 01:22 AM
I realise that this is a rather old post, but I missed it originally and wanted to at least post with my experience.

It sounds like you opted for a license server controlled version, rather than a nodelocked version. In that case, you need to buy the license server ($500 unless you complain vigorously and try to negotiate a steep discount - I was caught by this for render nodes and did not attempt to hide my irritation) and install that on either the local system or whatever server you usually use for license control.

If you have not installed and activated it, and wanted a node-locked version, contact e-on and see if they will swap it out for a node-locked version. You won't need the license server then unless you want to use distributed rendering (LWSN) in LW - then you will require per-node Vue rendernode licenses and also need the license server.

I've generally been quite happy with e-on's pricing - the maintenance payment for a single xStream seat covers the associated rendernodes and license server, which isn't too bad at all. The real irritation is that ridiculous pricing for a license server. It's trivial if you are deploying many nodes, but significant if you only want to add a few spare machines you have kicking around.