View Full Version : $10 VIDEO WEEKEND is BACK-Buy any 3D Training Video for $10

09-24-2010, 11:16 AM
$10 Dollar Video Weekend is back at LEARN3DSOFTWARE.com!!!:)


Buy any of our new or old Lightwave 3D, Zbrush, 3D Coat, Modo, and Photoshop Videos for only $10.00!!!

Also Check-Out our Pre-Buy Section of Upcoming New Releases!!!


*(SPECIAL will expire Tuesday September 28th, 2010)

$10 for any video-(Downloads Only!!)

09-24-2010, 02:10 PM
Looks like you got a good range of training on your site. I think it would be good to have a small preview for each of them, like you get on other training sites...