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09-20-2003, 04:39 PM
I'm not an advanced user, and have only used Lightwave for a short time.
I love the polygon modelling and layers (even if the row could be 4x as large) but I especially miss one thing...

Has anyone used Flash?
You can create a movieclip that can be cloned and used in other movieclips.
Then edit the source clip and every single clone will change.
Also clones can be changed without the others beeing changed, with outside parameters like color tinting, size, rotation, location, or breaken apart so you get the geometry raw.
And all defined clips are collected in a library where you can access them.

How I would like it to work in LightWave... is... either the ability to use different objects in a single model file, or link between model files.

(the more I type, the more I think I have seen it... very long ago so it might just as well be a scene file in Layout...)

Have an object open, insert another object which cannot be edited if not opened separately. (though copied and moved around etc)


The ability to define objects that have their own range of layers which could be entered, like opening a movieclip in Flash.

Then the ability to clone that object, and place/scale/etc it where you like. (and if you delete it, it would still be saved in the library where you can open it and edit it)

Also objects coule be nested, one ship includes many engines that include many electronic panels etc.

... Sorry if this sounds like a complete mess... and very similiar to the Layout/Modeler relationship. Maybe similiar to other software too...
Even if it can be done with Layout, I think this would be a nice system... it would help me anyway :) Maybe even adding lights in Modeler... :|

I haven't found this possible in modeler yet, maybe I have missed something, in that case please enlighten me.

09-21-2003, 07:58 AM
Well, what you are refering to is grouping/ instancing which cannot be done at this moment neither in Modeler nor Layout. parenting in Layout comes somewhat close to this functionality, but it still is not the same. They surely should implement such things but do not expect it to work like nesting in Flash. The ideas of using symbols, references or libraries (in a CAD program style manner) has it's pros and cons.

As for lights in Modeler: The only way is using Luxigons. This will not give you lights but attach a script to selected polygons whcih will then in Layout create the actual lights.


09-21-2003, 10:01 AM
I think there's a tutorial on the newtek site about using powergons to have this kind of nesting with objects ... not as powerful as you'd like but it's on it's way there.