View Full Version : Anaglyph compositing in Quartz (tutorial)

09-17-2010, 04:46 PM
Not sure how many Quartz users are around here (seems it's mostly used by OSX devs and VJs), but with Noise Industries' FxFactory Pro (http://www.noiseindustries.com/), this is the sort of thing that's easily dropped into After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Motion...

The tutorial covers three main flavours of anaglyphic glasses; Anachrome (red/cyan), Trioscopic (green/magenta), and ColorCode (amber/blue). Also includes minor controls for image alignment and colour contrast (customised mixing of red/green/blue channels to tune colour perception vs. retinal rivalry).

Tutorial http://iaian7.com/quartz/AnaglyphCompositing
File downloads http://www.vectorform.com/blog/1153/anaglyph-compositing/

Naturally, all the sample images were rendered out of Lightwave (see my camera setup here (http://iaian7.com/lightwave/StereoscopicCameras)) with lighting and comping in After Effects and anaglyph compositing rendered by Quartz.