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09-09-2010, 10:13 PM
What are all those CFG files stored in memory in my computer, like LW9.CFG, LWexT9, lwhub9, etc., etc.,

09-11-2010, 11:20 PM
The amusing part is, with all that verbiage, the dox don't actually LIST the config files, AFAICT.

In general, of course, they define defaults for the app(s). Here's some guesses-- they're just text files, you can look yourself:

LWHUB9.cfg-- seems to be mostly Layout defaults. Points to NewTek's online help, and the location of the configs (hmmm). This maybe only gets consulted if you don't have the Hub turned off.

LW9.CFG-- Layout defaults. Current Content Directory. Lists of presets. Lists of OLD references. Key assignments. Menu structure. Fonts.

LWM9.CFG - Modeler defaults. Same as Layout, but for Modeler. Colors.

LWMASTERS9.CFG-- Master Plugins loaded into Layout. These will get loaded and executed whenever you launch Layout.

LWEXT9.CFG-- Plugin list. Seems to be both LWM and Layout.

Then a bunch of plugin-specific configs.

BTW, a lot of ills are cured by deleting these. IIRC, if LW can't find the config, it just writes out a default version and starts using that. So if it starts acting wonky, try killing your cfgs (after saving them somewhere).

When you save your menu and/or keys, they also get a CFG extension, but they are loaded separately, by the user. SO, you can trade menu/key files with your colleagues. The current key/menus are saved in the configs listed above.

I have now posted the above information on The Lightwiki (http://www.lightwiki.com/):