View Full Version : fbx and life forms...

09-19-2003, 08:37 AM
I'm working with a character that I'm exporting from lightwave into motion builder. I downloaded a readymade skeleton structure and will be using that for the bones, using replace object function in layout. I export to motionbuilder fbx alright, but here's my question - Can I use lifeform mocap program to animate the character in Motionbuilder before re-import to lightwave. I tried it last night and got some sort of error about not matching 48 to 38 or something like that, which I suspect is because the lifeforms character has eithe too many or not enough bones to match the character that I'm working with... Anybody run in to similar problems or know of a work around... I think that changing bone structure in lifeforms might do it, but I'm not great at that program yet since its just a program I got off of a magazine cd cover months ago - and I really had no use for it until now, since I can am working with animation in mb, and that's suppossed to support the file type that life forms exports.