View Full Version : New Videos on Liberty3d.com! for Labour Day!

09-04-2010, 02:24 PM
Hey all you barbecuing types!
Hope you are having a great long weekend where ever you are.

I just wanted to let you know we have a some new vids for you to check out.

First one is from Kevin Phillips on how to set up and use the eeGrit Node. This one is a shorty but its awesome and to the point!
It's also free! :)

Second up is my latest video, volume one in a new series called "Practical Production Techniques". Over 2 hours long with lots of included goodies for you to practice with and follow along to. Discussed in this video are practical uses for the DP custom light, replacing older techniques used in the past for "running lights", exrTrader buffer options including discussion on texturing "scratchy" glass, the refraction buffer, basic shot break out techniques and then wrapping it up with a compositing session of the results from the renders in Fusion. whew!
All that for $21.00USD.

You can check out the details as always at www.liberty3d.com

We thank you for your support and encouragement as we grow the site and help further contribute to the LightWave3D community world-wide.:lwicon: