View Full Version : DP Part Move problems - aligning spinning cloud of elements to a null

09-03-2010, 08:27 AM

I'm currently using DP's excellent Part Move node to align a cloud/ funnel of tv objects (simple box shapes) at a null whilst rotating the cloud. I have a camera in the middle of the cloud & the setup's supposed to make sure that that the screens keep facing towards the camera. All the objects in the model are facing in the same direction though are distributed in a funnel/ cyclone shape and are in one layer ( about 300 objects)

I'm using the DP Item Info node to plug the relative position of the null into the Direction input of the Part Move Node. Pivot is set to centre & Normal Rotation is on.

This works for about 180 degrees of cloud rotation before all the objects in it flip over 360 degrees individually at the same time & then carry on as normal. Can't seem to overcome this flipping using any permutations of the pivot options in Part Move or any different placements of the target null.

Does anyone out there have a suggestion for getting around this?

Otherwise I may have to consider junking this approach & amending the funnel model to face all the objects inward in modeler (about 300 "parts" though... ouch!)

09-04-2010, 01:06 AM
I have no idea with just this description,
this is complex, especially considering
the Direction input of the Part Move node,
it does interact with original Part distribution
in the object (Modeler), the normal of each
part (obvious with a plane, but could be odd
with a regular box)
it is tied to the coordinate system and
of course how the direction vector is
evaluated/updated in the scene
including Displacement order.

Also, always try this kind of massive/crowd scene
with less object, less than 10 could be enough
for testing.


09-04-2010, 07:45 AM
Thanks Denis

I tried again with less objects in the layer and stepped the number of them up. Seems to be the Y position of the target null vs the pivot position on the cloud object was introducing that banking flip. I zeroed the y position of the Null and the cloud. The Null's X & Z positions still work fine for direction so it saves the day.

Many, many thanks for making this plugin.