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08-16-2010, 08:00 AM
I have now tried this on 5 different machines with lightwave 9.6 and get the same results.

I simply load on of the example liveset scenes like primetime or demostudio and then hit save, save as a new name, or save increment. i quit lightwave and load it back up, load the new file and LW crashes and asks if i want to create a crash report.

I did this on a core2 duo running XP32, a tricaster broadcast machine with core2quad running XP32, a laptop with core2duo running XP64, a xeon 8 core machine running vista64, and a faster xeon 8 core machine running vista64.

the exact same thing happens on every machine.

or is there something special i am supposed to do to be able to save and reload these scenes?

I just want to make a couple of changes to the scene and render out a new version.


08-16-2010, 08:26 AM
About all I can say is that I have loaded, modified and re-saved some of the supplied scenes. Mind you, I'm running LW 9.6, the 64 bit Windows version. (Note that the LiveSet plugins for SD LiveSets don't support this version - haven't tried the 32bit version recently).

08-16-2010, 07:12 PM
I use both with no issues Steve so that is not the problem. I believe the LiveSet plug-in not being where it is supposed to be may be the problem. If your installer did not work and you manually transferred the plug-in and its files, this may, and it is just a hunch, be the problem.
I would call tech support to help you get the plug-in installed correctly, again, just a hunch.
Tech support may be able to help and I hope it is as simple as editing the config file to point to the right location.

08-17-2010, 07:38 AM
where is the config file i need to locate to check?

Also understand i can load it fine once, it loads and renders perfectly. i just cant save it and re-load it back into lightwave.

08-17-2010, 08:02 AM
where is the config file i need to locate to check?

Also understand i can load it fine once, it loads and renders perfectly. i just cant save it and re-load it back into lightwave.

It is in the user\"user name" folder but it may be more than that. I think, the dll files or something else, is saving a different location when it saves. The facts are this;
01) You can load it the first time, which leaves me to believe the config files are correct other wise it would never load up.
02) You can add remove the LiveSet texture and master plug-in as well as compile a LiveSet from the original load. Again would never happen if the config was wrong.
03) You get or should I say if you get error 409 or info tag 409 (something like that).
All a theory and don't know for sure. So since it loads up fine and I also know that the plug-in does not work without the dll files, my only assumption is the liveset plug-in somehow is writing the LW scene file area of where the plug-in is, in a different location. Also, still a theory, because it is a non-standard plug-in, you don't get the normal error of can't find the plug-in and not a crash.
This is why I suggest calling NewTek support. I mean if you really want, compare the original scene file against the new one, side by side using notepad, and see if you can find if the plug-ins location differs from each other.
Recently, I was given a LW Liveset scene that also did this exact same crash problem. I open the scene file with notepad and deleted all calls to the LiveSet master plug-in or better explained;
delete from
Plugin MasterHandler 2 LiveSetRenderSupport (may not ne a 2)
End plugin
For each call to the Master Handler.
Once you delete this, save it in notepad and it should load into LW. Problem is, after you add the LiveSet master plug-in into the scene and save again, will it crash? if it does, I think it may based on my theory, call tech support with all this data so they can help you quicker.

Good luck,

08-17-2010, 08:50 AM
i was browsing around folders looking for anything odd and figured it out
i found a file in the plugins folder called "targetpaths"

i dropped it in notepad and this is what was inside:

7Q:\Products\TriCaster\LiveSets\Work\newsnight new\VSFX\9Q:\Products\TriCaster\LiveSets\Work\Mor ningShow_new\VSFX\ ,Q:\Products\LiveSet_Pack\work\News_004\VSFX\ :Q:\Products\LiveSet_Pack\work\News_003\renders\ne ws003_29\ :Q:\Products\LiveSet_Pack\work\News_003\renders\ne ws003_30\

i deleted the file and now my scenes will load!

08-17-2010, 11:59 AM
Cool :)