View Full Version : The origins of superheroes and silly translations of their names.

08-14-2010, 12:35 PM
Well I guess all if not most of them superheroes are created by american
comic writers, Im curious if there´s any superhero out there originating from
other countries, maybe there is some but they might not have reached international fame?

It´s funny how some superheroes get their name translated, superman
is called stålmannen in sweden and the direct translation would be the steelman.

Batman got a silly translation and is in sweden called Läderlappen, and a direct translation of that swedish name to english would be something like the leatherflap.

It would sound silly thou even with the correct translation from batman, it would be fladdermus( bat) mannen(man) fladder stands for the wings flapping and (mus) is simply mouse.

Im sure there´s a couple of more silly names out there and in other countries.

I really can´t think of any superhero created here in sweden except
pippi longstocking..but that´s another story and I don´t think weré
gonna see warner brothers make any action movie out of that:)

and yeah my superhero number one when I was a kid, it was superman.
I had a blue pyjama shirt with a heat transfer S mark, and a red towel for cape, and I was jumping from the sofa,
I really didn´t take off, but in my vivid fantasy I surely did.


08-16-2010, 08:05 AM
As for the translation of Superman, it makes sense and isn't really funny, since he is also known as the man of steel.

08-16-2010, 08:19 AM
I guess super heroes are jus extracted from myhtologie , legends ... Hercules also known i think as Heracles from Greek Mythologie , Thor ...the Valhala are from Northern countries and have been derived .... to comicbooks
America did not invent heroes. however they just know how to give it a cool twist!! ;)