View Full Version : Limited Region Rendering/Texture Issues

08-10-2010, 01:40 PM
Hi all,

2 problems. First off, for some reason limited region renders are coming out about 50 pixels up and to the left of where I set the box. Anyone know why that would happen? I have been using Limited Region quite often on this project and it only started occurring today. This isn't so much a huge issue as it is a major annoyance.

My major issue is that I have some simple textures that for some reason are coming out as nasty pixelated black splotches. All I changed on the model was to switch from a matte black color on the phone, with white buttons, to a white color with blue-gray buttons, and added reflection to the phone display screen. Instead it becomes a crazy demon pixel phone. I am using KRay 2.1 in Lightwave 9.6 and, again, I have never had this issue until today. See the below image

Any help with either of these would be awesome! (And would help me overcome the overwhelming desire to somehow anthropomorphize Lightwave and drag it behind my car for miles in vengeful retribution)

[EDIT] Upon seeing my attachment at its link, it appears the texture is not black but rather a transparent alpha? What the heck? There is no transparency anywhere on the phone model.