View Full Version : Can't save the stock Liveset scenes

08-10-2010, 07:32 AM
I have now tried this on 5 different machines with lightwave 9.6 and get the same results.

I simply load on of the example liveset scenes like primetime or demostudio and then hit save, save as a new name, or save increment. i quit lightwave and load it back up, load the new file and LW crashes and asks if i want to create a crash report.

I did this on a core2 duo running XP32, a tricaster broadcast machine with core2quad running XP32, a laptop with core2duo running XP64, a xeon 8 core machine running vista64, and a faster xeon 8 core machine running vista64.

the exact same thing happens on every machine.

or is there something special i am supposed to do to be able to save and reload these scenes?