View Full Version : HV trees

08-07-2010, 10:19 AM
I think that HV sprite particles are simply perfect for creating massive foliage volumes.
It is like imitating SpeedTree using Hypervoxels:)
And Those look really-really nice, not too photorealistic of course, but definitely nice! This is also very handy in some archviz scenes where absolute photorealism is actually not(!) required.

But here is the problem; when i render an image some particle's corner gets slightly rounded, and sometimes this rounding completely kills the entire foliage effect.
Enabling the 'Orient Slices To Ray' option seems to solve the problem, but this rounding does not go away completely, and it still does affect some particles nearby any meshes intersecting the HV object itself.
[see the attached screenshot]

I know that is a dumb question, but can anyone please tell me how do i render HV sprites in layout display mode , i mean with no particle rounding at all, or how do i completely disable this sprite rounding via HV options. Are there any free plugins allowing me to do this.


08-10-2010, 12:10 PM
i noticed this time ago, and i'm relatively sure it wasnt this way before. Once, Sprites were "squared" (so the entire sprite image was taken in account), but from a given moment (dont remember if it was after 9.0) this rounding was introduced. Pretty annoying if you ask me... sadly i never found a way to disable it.