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08-04-2010, 07:13 AM
Although I have a couple of versions of this tip posted in the LiveSet section of the forum, I thought it would be useful to anyone who received a custom set from me or anyone that just wanted to list your sets differently..

Organization of LiveSets is pretty easy using Windows.
Open your TriCaster\User Data\Default User\VSFX folder.
Notice all the LiveSets have a priority file associated with them. These files have a numeric number in them that decides how it stacks up in the LiveSet list and then it list by alphabetical. All the NewTek stock LiveSets priority files have the number 220 in them and this is the start of the stack order. All priority files that have a 220 are first and then listed alphabetically. If the creator of the LiveSet does not give the set a priority, TriCaster will create it's own and assign 1000 to it by default.
A simple use of Notepad and changing the priority value, will change its stack order.
Taking this a step further, a stack/list separator can be made to further distinguish LiveSet groups.
In the same VSFX folder, make a new folder and call it _MyGroup (with MyGroup being whatever you want it to be). Next, copy and paste any priority file into the main VSFX folder. Rename this copy priority file to the same exact name as the folder _MyGroup then leave the priority extension. Change it's priority value, using notepad, to 500 and save and exit notepad. Now do the same exact same thing except name the new folder and priority file _New LiveSets. Change it's priority value to 990.
Finally change the priority value of anything you want list under _MyGroup to 501. Use 501 for all the sets you want under the _MyGroups. The _NewLiveSets group will list everything after 990 which will be any LiveSets added that do not have a priority file created when it is installed. That means TriCaster will make one and make its value 1000 putting it under _NewLiveSets and at the bottom of the Stack/List.

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