View Full Version : Tweaking the BreakingWaves files with Houdini Ocean Toolkit.p

07-27-2010, 01:32 PM
I am very grateful to all contributors of the HOT Ocean Toolkit, that they
have given me the opportunity to improve my water scenes. Thank you all
for making it available!

When studying the accompanying files in the BreakingWaves folder
(which is enclosed with the HOT Ocean plugin) I have been trying to
figure out how the values for different parameters
corresponds to each other. And whether some settings in the
displacement has to be the same in the surface settings.
And how spray and foam settings relate to displacement settings.

At a Houdini Forum they talk about exporting the displacement settings
to the shader settings. Is that the way to go? And they also talk about a
black and white map that will help to blend between shaders. Anybody
having access to Houdini that knows more on this?

There are so many possible combinations of settings in the HOT Ocean plugin
that it is hard to achieve any good results only through trial and error.
Therefore I very much would appreciate comments on this.